Inventions for Pandemic Prevention

Function For Rapid Genome Systems

Did you know that Super viruses are harder to detect in your bloodstream? Yes, that’s right, because they have evolved over millions of years thanks to the help of many species from both hosts and reservoir hosts.
No one knows the average mutation rate for Ebola due to its rapid and progressive nature. Rapid Genome Systems wasn’t invented until 2020 by Ark Innovations after I drew this concept in 2018 to early 2019 before the pandemic. RGS will help develop proven vaccines for higher mortality rate viruses. But further improvement needs to be made with this system to be better equipped in dealing with advanced, complex quasi-living creatures—viruses.

The Back End Function For Geographic Information Systems

Invented by Roger Tomlinson in the 1960s—GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is renowned for its robust visual communications. Communication is powerful, whether verbal or non-verbal methods of conveying data. It can even bring governments closer together when it comes to containing epidemics.

Check out the content below to view how my GIS system would work to help global economic life run smoothly and full steam without disruption.

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All the funds will go towards working with these people on the team:

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