• The Importance of Pandemic Prevention

    Only 10% of designers understand design ethics and what it means to save society. Design has a minimal bias on who is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in society. Design is a very outward discipline. It accommodates the poor, middle-class and rich income earners. Design is meant to take care of everyone; everyone you and I hate and love. Design looks at reality objectively. The law looks at society subjectively. Hence, my professor Dr Soheil Ashrafi once stated the truth about the law, “The law cannot please every morality; design can”. And in saying that, as the great Kevin Samuels once stated, “Technology was made to challenge nature”. Design is very understanding of the human biological imperatives.

    Everyone will die one day, but everyone reaches old age at different times to a point where even hospital capacity aren’t overwhelmed, making a practical society. Viral pandemics don’t care about capacity.

    I read many books about healthcare workers’ and laboratorists’ experiences on the front and statistics before the pandemic. I had to stop the gunman from walking in and shooting everyone. I knew what would happen to first and third-world countries. I sometimes am so baffled by the things I learn from all that reading. Imagine knowing all the chaos that would occur on a large scale and knowing that it would be genocide to sit back and let it happen. Imagine knowing how flawed the tools were for epidemic containment that cost healthcare workers, the public their lives and the economy because people ranging from poor to rich are the backbone of the economy. 

    A whopping 58% of healthcare workers who tried to contain the Ebola outbreak from 2014 to 2015 lost their lives; they left the more giant killers to assist with the more diminutive killer (Ebola). Malaria (the biggest killer) killed 50 times more than the Ebola death toll. I found a safe material for the garments in a technical textile book that wouldn’t put the healthcare workers in danger (but is not feasible on a pandemic scale); then, I found a humanitarian communicative system that healthcare workers used for outbreaks since the 1960s and planned how that would function for responders and then I thought of rapid computational genome systems which computer scientists never invented. No fast genome systems were invented to keep up with that 40% to 90% mortality rate virus because its overestimated mutation rate was 9.5 until 2020 by Ark Innovations. 

    Emotionally by Jan 2019—I was swimming in a pool of my very own tears and sweat because nobody understood ‘probability.’

    Look—90% of product designers do commercial work. They’re not impacting the global economic place with world-improving products/services. And most companies settle for mediocrity by employing people who don’t want to grow the 10% of designers who are contributing meaningfully.

    When people say, “Pandemics are normal”, they don’t know that superviruses (if they go global) will be the demise of our human biological imperatives. Even social media is disagreeable with our human biological imperatives. Everything has a capacity.

    The notion that ‘work from home’ was a revolution could’ve been done without a pandemic. Why didn’t people who passed their probation period or have excellent performance ratings at work get to work from home before the pandemic? Yes, money through public transportation spins the economy. But preventing pandemics spins the global economy.

    You can expand that 10% by doing construction, biomedical engineering, engineering (all disciples), computer science and Industrial Design (to design medical equipment and devices) or any sustainability discipline. 

    I would encourage young men, in particular, to be excellent in those fields because men have designed everything in this world since the beginning of time, and men can design more sustainable economic infrastructures.

  • Pandemic Prevention Between Men and Women.

    I’ve got a little test for you—tell your loved ones you’ll learn how to prevent pandemics ethically and see how they react.

    For the last couple of years, I’ve emphasised that I wanted men to become first responders. Being a first responder is very demanding, and many thanks will go into this position.

    Under honest and ethical intentions and actions, merit places our purpose at the height of societal worth. It’s an indescribable feeling to know that most people primarily favour this purpose to prevent pandemics ethically, and most of the time, I want it for everyone.

    But what about the women? The women will also be responsible for keeping those on the frontlines and those legally allowed to disclose what is happening on the frontlines to live and be free to express freedom of speech.

    Women will be taking charge of Service Desk duties which consist of the following:

    • Responsible for staff access details
    •   Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
    •   Subscribing medical staff
    •   Not disclosing private information to the public
    •   Collecting relevant qualifications from healthcare workers
    •   Linking bank details for medical staff
    •   Data entry
    •   Addressing first responders’ information enquiries on devices and function(s)
    • Managing dispatch of stock

    Accounts Payable:

    • Process services annual payments
    •  Process staff payments

    First Responders:

    • Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
    •   Liaising with Service Desk if there are any questions on devices and function(s)
    •   Liaising with healthcare workers in realtime
    •   Managing P1 to P4 cases between junior and senior level responders by task allocation using ticket tagging
    •   Negotiating with air and water services for risk mitigation for the spread of the virus(es) by utilising resources for prevention methods
    •   Collecting data for cases by liaising with healthcare workers and colleagues

    Service Desk roles may be quieter or busier than responder roles. However, the responsibilities test emotional tameness and dealing with life-and-death situations. First responders are more in leadership roles and understand the very function of devices that assist with risk mitigation. Risk mitigation requires a lot of practicality when it comes to being resourceful. In contrast, computer scientists, immunologists, material engineers and programmers must create diagnostic devices and communication systems between WHO, CDC, UNICEF, Red Cross and other health organisation data centres for borders, airlines, and travel boats to mitigate the risk of rapid public exposure and treatment.

    Men and women working alongside each other are way more powerful when we understand gendered natural choices. And guess what? It’s all legal. Reporting the crisis in lab or frontline outbreaks right through to cross-contamination is legal. It’s been legal since the 1970s when Roger Tomlinsons’ invention to report outbreaks came into play.

    Essentially both teams are responsible for the global economy and people are the economy.


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  • Intro – How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically

    Hello Everyone,

    This is just an introduction to my written proposal on preventing pandemics ethically on my paid blog, How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically. It contains academic research where I spent six years between 2014 to 2019 studying ethical ways in which design technology can contribute to saving healthcare workers, the global economy and further productivity in the global economic marketplace by containing epidemics.

    The article explains solutions and hurdles of an outbreak’s happenings on the frontlines, and I’ll discuss my finding of the objective answers I found during my journey.

    You may read my ‘How to’ article on the premise that you’ll either want to know what technology serves all of our biological human imperatives, or you may become a future investor in creating a safer global economy.

    Either way, it’s going to take a village to make shooting stars.

    This fundraising cause gathers people from different disciplines to develop honest, ethical, collaborative and worthy solutions to look after the world population. So all proceeds go towards employing new people.

    Kind regards,
    Nandini Singh

    You can also purchase my article to view called How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically or read The Importance of Pandemic Prevention for further understanding for free.

    Thank you so very much for your contribution.

    Kind regards,
    Nandini Singh

  • How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically

    Doing the right thing is hard, but it's my thing to do.

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  • Permitting Pandemics

    There are many reasons I’ve stated why pandemics are inconvenient and why we need to challenge nature and human morality in my blog post titled The Importance of Pandemic Prevention or, in my more vaguely described article titled Huge Thank You. But I thought I’d point out what leaders like Bill Gates agree to when he talks about ‘Pandemic Prevention’ in his new book and on LinkedIn. And no, I don’t want to be enemies with anyone. Still, again, we have to discuss what power and leverage can do when having ‘good intentions’ doesn’t serve our human biological imperatives because men design technology to challenge nature.

    Bill Gates is now focusing on manufacturing vaccines and allowing pandemics to happen; this also means that we will have to endure the same hardship again. Now even though I am pro-vaxxer, I’m more pro-practical. I’m for a pandemic never occurring because if a super virus takes a world tour—it’s not going to be feasible, and it’s going to be way more tragic than COVID-19 because it’s difficult to manufacture a licensed vaccine for a rapidly mutating super virus. Ark Innovations just invented rapid genome systems in 2020. That was the very idea I thought about in 2018.

    Thirty-one per cent agreed that pandemic prevention was worth five hundred billion dollars under the pretence that a pandemic occurs.
    Even a multi-billionaire isn’t familiar with design ethics and how pandemics move against our human biological imperatives. Yet, you have tons of people who will fall at their feet for unethical solution(s) that will cost them dearly. 

    Figure 1: Pandemic Prevention Poll by Bill Gates

    Another point is, is that men have built an entire global economy, who is looking after it? Only 10% of designers will make and sell useful goods and services that spin the global economic place and who consider sustainability on a broad scale. Which also means they’ve passed being the 90% of designers who only do commercial work.

    You can find out more about Bill Gates’s journey on LinkedIn. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  • Huge Thank You

    I want to thank everyone who does understand the idea of pandemic prevention. To tell people they should die in isolation units, be placed in lockdowns, die in the back of trucks, and let their bodies decay for days outside funeral homes is a terrible agreement. And then endure several other harsh social and economic factors that come into play.

    Many believe that the world is overpopulated, which may be true because ‘too much of anything is never good’ is a true statement. But the reality is that men have built an entire global economy. The most ambitious people come from third-world countries or poverty-line backgrounds; do they not have the right to procreate? The average men require to go out and build the spine of our daily infrastructure, so it’s a given that they can’t stay indoors without high levels of productivity, and the rich, too, are enjoying the fruits of their hardship (unless they have inheritance), so they want to travel and network.

    I’m in no position to personalise how people live their lives, but when there’s a viral outbreak—there are three kinds of people:

    1. Pro-vaxxers who don’t trust their immune systems
    2. Anti-vaxxers who rely on their immune systems to combat the virus
    3. People who are conspiracy theorists who have never thrived in outbreak-prone countries or have no real knowledge of the hardship in hot zones.

    As well as a high level of uncertainty of what lengths people would go to to keep their beliefs alive. In summary, it all comes down to risk mitigation for the kind of (in the case of a pandemic) survival tact(s) one wants to live by.

    A 1.2% to 2% mortality rate virus is much easier to manufacture a licensed vaccine. However, super viruses would be troublesome—Ark Innovations invented the first rapid genome system in 2020. Super viruses like Ebola hadn’t had a licensed vaccine made since the 1970s when it was discovered, so pro-vaxxers would gain not much trust as it is illegal to sell unlicensed vaccines and complex to manufacture as its own mortality rate is between 40 to 90 per cent.

    Ultimately, Design Ethicists don’t have a say in who dies/lives but rather create more freedom for people to enjoy their fruits in the world more freely. Saving people is a far better alternative as most of the infrastructures built today do have a capacity, and it’s also our responsibility not to allow more impairment/problems to the world constructed painstakingly by men.

    Thank you so much. I appreciate everyone who supports this cause. It was a pleasure to find a way to deter the chaos because of male inventors.

    Please stay connected with me on Instagram

  • Dear Detractors

    To those who weren’t and aren’t fond of me and who troubled me between 2014-2019 whilst I was in the pursuit of pandemic prevention through design—I’ve heard many stories about complex managers and work colleagues, as well as those who cry in front of their bosses because of guilt for their mistakes or deficiencies, or those forced to work in the scorching hot heat because of someones mysterious unliking towards them for differences. Being a manager is relatively easy in terms of authority—you fire people who refuse to follow your orders or keep them if they comply, and it isn’t worth becoming so intoxicated over the ‘power’ that you have. Do you think I can leverage your lives and everyone else’s in the palm of my hands for recognition and ‘power’? Oh no. Have you ever heard the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility?”. Oh, how familiar that is to me when I think back.

    I control no one’s life. I do not arrange for people to ruin people. Unless they want it from me.
    I was doing what I had to do. Often I encounter people who are mad that I failed pandemic prevention, but men have access to outcomes, not women. To all those men and women who don’t like me, I’m here to tell you that some jobs are elementary, and there’s always spare time to put your discipline to a challenge on the side, not to remain one-track-minded. I’m not going to apologize to you guys because I thought of world issues to solve in my 20s. 

    Just because you didn’t delegate effort and time in researching problem-solving solutions through anything but books and recent scholarly articles promptly with a high level of accuracy as I did, hasn’t left me a with a shortage of access to opportunities. Nor does that give you a reason to settle for mediocrity. And yes, I failed, but I wasn’t thinking about making a mess of the world. You did.

    I’ve done my due diligence when I was a junior, as most of us should in our 20s, to stop ourselves diving and swimming in the shallow end of the sea and call that an ‘accomplishment’ when there’s an entire global economy depending on the backs of the youth while our brains are sponges. 

    It took skill and strength to sit in a library and learn more and more whilst you all sought to ruin everyone’s lives by doing nothing but ill-intended devils work. Still, in the end, I am not a statistic as one of the ‘Nationalists Who Did Nothing for their Country’ list, plainly wearing their country on their unironed sleeves, let alone seeing themselves as primarily human beings lol.

    If you disagree with me strongly—you’re more than welcome to eat Liberian or Democratic Republic of Congo bat meat and endure Ebola and if you survive it; then write a blog about whether it would be ideal for a wider population to endure that kind of suffrage.
    At least that would be your moral choice.
    That’s up to you guys, no pressure from me.

    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Nandini Singh

  • Killer Mediocrity

    In my early 20s, I was socialised out of aggressive behaviour after coming out of a high crime rate high school. I never had male attention aside from my dad. I was physically fit and had my diploma (not a degree); by 23, I had played various sports from high school onwards. I use to workout in my uncles gym since 15 years old. My dad didn’t like that I was a straight shooter because he knew that every other irrational trait a female could have wouldn’t be appealing to my future husband. He didn’t want me to make enemies. My group of girlfriends (2) were in long-term stable relationships. I was single. I certainly (even having taking dads lessons); didn’t get attention from men. Funny enough, every time my girlfriends and I would go to the club—we’d think it was pretty weird that a sixty year plus men were sitting front-row of the dancefloor where a ton of young girls would hang out and dance. 

    The stakes were higher for me than most fertile girls, so I listened to dad and mum when they said, “Don’t accept any drinks from strangers” and “Men in the club aren’t looking for relationships”. Even my mum’s advice was that “A man wouldn’t love you unless you had a job”.

    Looking back, I wasn’t over-moralised about things. I was confident I could maintain a man. I was no longer a straight shooter; I often regretted saying anything that insulted someone. I cared about things and countries’ endurance of hardship and stayed quiet most of the time. Call it naivety, but I was better when I cared about the world as I did back then. I had 0 attitude. I didn’t even know how to roll my eyes. Dad moulded me to be everything a man could desire.

    When I hit 25, most of that went downhill. I’ll blame myself for letting go of my weight a little bit and sticking around for a guy who didn’t appreciate my virginity. Being an emotion-based gender sucks, just like when those financially mature men have many options and a wife and will still exercise their options and feel bad about it. I hate that I emotionally prostituted my feelings for a guy who was my only option. I hated and loved my naivety simultaneously because I at least didn’t initiate animosity between myself and people. Still, also, those darn masculine women intervened in my career progression to save the world from a pandemic. That guy I liked never said, “Let me take care of this”. Then I would tell myself, “I waited all my life only to bite my tongue and let girls walk all over me and a guy who didn’t appreciate my conservatism”. 
    I was just as confused like a man in a suit who wound up sitting across from the biggest time waster. Yuck. I was so focused on one guy that I felt terrible even at the thought of liking anyone else, so my brain decided not to. And believe me, the average guy who works out and has a stable job prefers the average girl who works out. The gym is the perfect place.
    But yes, that’s what sex chemicals do. It makes you cling to someone lifeless when you could be spoiling the life out of the guy who works really hard and would appreciate your efforts.
    So I returned to the gym happily once I monkey branched from one guy to the next, but any guy I liked could tell me to hit the gym—because hell, I tell myself when I’m becoming fat that I need to lose some weight since my 20s. I even bought a cookbook.

    Most women will work their entire lives gaining things that aren’t important to men, and once they get that man, it’s like rocking the crown for them. And every woman wants to wear a crown given by a man who’s ‘bowed down to her’. Having a man is like the tick of approval for everything a woman is, even at her worst. I’ve seen it with my two eyes—girls get their degrees, careers/jobs and boyfriend/husbands and say things my dad would put chilli in my mouth for (I’m just sugar-coating the end of that consequence). My dad wanted me to go to work and listen to my boss but the level of obedience I had with my parents at home was punishable at most workplaces.

    I barely had a boyfriend. I had a guy with one foot in and one foot out, but I didn’t have the best guy I could get for all my willingness. But I still didn’t want a world riddled with a pandemic. 

    Those girls with their degrees, careers/jobs and boyfriends/husbands either don’t have their men anymore or probably aren’t in the most favourable positions with their husbands after the pandemic. And I’m no longer emotionally prostituting myself to the wrong guy for the first time in my life. Ok… I did monkey branch to the next guy for a bit more logical reasons, but at least I can like him again if he wants.

  • Abused Birthrights & Burden of Performance.

    What is the most significant birthright that women abuse today?

    It’s often fertile women who bring a child to term without marriage. I would observe today that the average fertile woman who ovulates matured eggs cares very little about male provisioning, the masculine burden of performance, and their own feminine burden of performance. 

    It’s not to insinuate that men should settle for women over 30 when they’re facing a probability of geriatric pregnancy, but rather women who are born 1st and 2nd stage infertile. Here is why; it’s ten times the work to meet the feminine burden of performance. We have to speak and behave in manners that are agreeable to men, we can’t be too opinionated (or so my dad told me), we can’t sleep around, we don’t talk to Chad in the club or any guy because mum told us so because guys in the club don’t want relationships, that the man we marry is not our father. We learn those things in our early 20s. We must be physically and mentally fit and careful with men; we must know we’re replaceable. 

    Women with PCOS don’t ovulate, but we can only bring a healthy baby to term if we’re physically fit and when our husbands are fit and hence have healthy sperm. We have premature eggs, whereas the average woman who ovulates has matured eggs that don’t require a fit man. However, being a fit man significantly increases the chances of a baby being healthy, whether the wife ovulates or not.

    Women with PCOS don’t lose eggs; our eggs become mature over time. This also increases my chance of carrying a child to term successfully.

    Just because I don’t ovulate doesn’t give me the right to be promiscuous. It simply means there’s a fair chance that men don’t understand the feminine burden of performance that comes with being first and second-stage infertile. You only become third and fourth stage if you and your husband are unfit.

    But also, meeting the feminine burden of performance owes you a man who has met the masculine burden of performance and can appreciate your qualities. Then, further to our starter pack, we must learn what the man likes.

    The sad reality about modern society is that women don’t have the feminine burden of performance placed on them when they are fully fertile. Locking down a girl with PCOS around when she’s 18 to 24 is much more of a lower-risk option for men. But bare in mind; that not ovulating is can also be a natural contraception for women, which may enable ‘sexual freedom’. I can’t entirely agree with having sexual freedom under those circumstances but explaining first, and second-stage infertility is a hurdle for us to make men understand. So make sure you get a girl who is serious under those circumstances. You could do that by meeting her parents while dating her just to gauge if she doesn’t abuse that gift because she also can’t be in the labour room giving birth for just any man. Our motherhood and your fatherhood are incumbent upon both participants to meet their gendered performance burden for healthy parental investment.


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