Infertily Struggles – PCOS vs Normal Women

Humans are put on Earth to procreate. It is tough when all men look for in women is fertility. But first, I want to share a biological fact with men that might scare them about today’s modern dating marketplace. When women are born with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, their eggs are not matured and are not released monthly due to a congenital disability. Now the ordinary woman who ovulates and gets her periods has matured eggs and has a higher success rate conceiving a child even if she is between 18 to 24 with an overweight, financially well-off man.

In comparison, there are four stages of infertility for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Women can have children in the first and second stages because they are fit and healthy. In the first stage—you need to take a pill to ovulate and have the vagina cleared out for biological insemination. Second stage is where you need to have an injection to ovulate. The third stage is when you’re overweight and need IVF, and the fourth is when you can no longer conceive due to a congenital disability. Women with PCOS have matured eggs around the age of 38 and have a higher success rate of conception. Or have a higher conception rate from 18 to 24 given that their male counterpart is genetically fit along with herself when her eggs are not matured.

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