An Unmodest Gynocracy

Many women condemn modesty in today’s day and age. But many women aren’t aware of the growing culture of men who are taught not to respect women who wear little to nothing. And men can be the most dangerous or a woman’s greatest protectorate.

Being near naked isn’t bold; it’s dangerous. It’s hazardous when men teach men how to perceive women, mainly stating things along the lines of “When we see women who are (near) naked, we view them as objects”. Whether you like that or not, it ultimately boils down to men’s treatment of such women who are that archetype—the ‘bold’ or ‘beautiful’. Who wants to exist in a world and be that archetype when there’s so much danger around it? Because let’s face it, men are more potent than us, and we live in their world. The car we drive, the house we live in, and the electricity are all built and run by men. Men aren’t useless, but we women disregard how men can apply their treatment of us through our modesty or revelation of raw flesh; men win all, even if it costs them a jail term for being weak men. We are vulnerable unmodest women in a gynocracy seeking trouble with a dangerous specie and gender so that we feel that we are a representation of strength in a man made world. We are leaderless, and when women glorify nudity, it saves no life, dignity, or woman on the front. It is all just a front (deception). It’s dangerous when all men have today is each other and each other’s worldview. Furthermore, it’s more paralyzing when it is taught among one another.

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