Why Pandemic Prevention is an Unpopular Concept

Social Media is a massive drug for attention in society. It has more supporters than people against it as a source of income.

So you’re probably asking, “Are you going to drop the cause?” and the answer is “No”. I say “No” because the more giant killers go up during viral epidemics/pandemics. The people advocating to stop Cancer, Heart Disease and any other significant killers in other countries don’t have a blithering chance with preventing their cause diagnosis when and where there is a viral epidemic/pandemic because third-world countries lack resources (which in turn increases viral transmission rates), whilst in first-world nations—people have no access to the abundance of resources whilst they obey Government regulations to self isolate.

But in my observation, many people say, “Help us raise Cancer awareness” seems prevalent in society because people don’t know any better than what I’ve stated. Now though there are ways more ethical than what we’ve seen to prevent pandemics, I can’t get people to switch their morals to say, “Let’s prevent future viral pandemics from happening”, but rather “We need to prevent viral pandemics too, because of a, b and c”.

I certainly (from 2014) hated the idea of more giant killers thriving after reading about how the Malaria death toll grew to 600,000 during the 2013-2015 Ebola outbreak when it typically takes 500,000 lives without any other viral outbreak surging the way Ebola did. I couldn’t agree with that kind of outcome, along with many different results when viruses get out of control.

The fact is that you can make money online and become rich but you can’t be rich dead whether by larger/smaller killer particularly when you are like every other human being who wants money through attention and/or entertainment on a daily basis.

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