Dear Governments

I made a lot of enemies along the way for trying to do what was right—to stop a pandemic.

But what they’ve committed to sacrificing me is nothing short of genocide. ‘Why?’ You ask. Let me explain as clearly as I can. Things that are preventable by technology are worth preventing, always. It’s always better than the cure. Or if there were a super virus—a remedy would be hard to make, and the manufacturing process would be hard to trust. Please think of how many people received stimulus cheques and still voted their country leader out—Trump, Morrison, and Boris Johnson were chased out of their seat. Jacinda Ardern forfeited despite seeming to be fit for leadership during the pandemic. All that money given to taxpayers who didn’t work from home—has gone unappreciated. 

You can’t pay people to stay home and do nothing and not be expected to be voted out. That’s not how women work psychologically. Women like to earn money and things. 

Have you ever heard of the Red Pill community of men who view women who are fat for ‘recreational use’? Just an opinion, right? Was it in your ‘opinion’ that you wanted to wear what you wore today and enacted upon it? See when thoughts that can hurt you when they turn into action; will you complain you were used because you decided body positivity was accepting being fat was ok? Or do you realise that if everyone were fat, there would be a national emergency? What on Earth are the Governments doing?

What is the point in shaking hands with Bill Gates, who only wants to mass produce vaccines, sell them to countries, and allow another pandemic to happen? You will lose your seat like the last leader.

Look at the Liberals—won year after year for so long, and now suddenly the media wants to say ‘Liberals lacked female leadership’, oh look… It’s Jacinda saying what no man in leadership has ever said. Women don’t lead men; we help men. How many women are Prime Ministers/Presidents… I’ll wait.

Liberals didn’t lose because of ‘the lack of female leadership’. They lost because they didn’t use technology to challenge nature. And paying women to stay home unproductive goes against female nature. Are we going to allow some other virus (God forbid, a higher mortality rate virus) to go global, give people who aren’t trying to stop these kinds of disasters from happening money and then lose your leadership seats? Stop self-sabotaging this great country with such pointless biases. Because permitting viruses on arrival is a lot to ask for in terms of trouble. Mass graves are not a fancy tourist attraction. 

You will lose your seats without knowing how to use GIS or RGS to challenge nature as man has intended since the beginning of time. You can’t do it without me—a person who studied relentlessly before the pandemic since 2014. You’re not more honest than Medecins Sans Frontiers to Unicef and me unless you really want to prevent pandemics ethically.

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