Be My Never Valentines

This article is the horrible truth about my life. The truth about why I can never have the guy I want and why ethnocentrism is an inherited male nature. I am a woman who can never have a man, nor can become a whore.

It’s not to say I don’t like men. Men aren’t going anywhere, and that’s great, even if that shouldn’t mean it’s a good or bad thing. Because, like Kevin Samuels (R.I.P) once said, “A man can be your greatest demise or greatest protectorate”. 

I am South Indian and Nepalese; if you go and talk with most South Indians and most Nepalese, they are married to their ethnicity. And it’s clear to see that men have a preference for marriage. I don’t pick the man. So, of course, you might be Black and Asian in America—But it’s not the same in Australia. Very rarely do you see an Indian crossbred. An Indian with an East Asian is a ‘no’, an Indian with a Black is a ‘Never seen that’. Everywhere I look, everyone has paired with their pure bloodline or someone of the same colour.

I don’t get attention from guys, even the friendly ones who want nothing more. I could dance in public and still be invisible.

I can’t be with single dads because my dad says single dads want to have fun. I’m not after ‘fun’. I can’t be with a Muslim. I can’t be with weird guys (which is fine because guys shouldn’t want crazy girls). I can’t date guys online or meet them in person. I have rules that keep me safe.

The truth is—I don’t get a guy easily because even though I’ll settle for different ethnic guys, guys have preferences and are usually within their race. That’s a fact. I’m not complaining, but I need people to understand that men have access to commitment, not women. I’ve even accepted that myself.

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