Pandemic Prevention Between Men and Women.

I’ve got a little test for you—tell your loved ones you’ll learn how to prevent pandemics ethically and see how they react.

For the last couple of years, I’ve emphasised that I wanted men to become first responders. Being a first responder is very demanding, and many thanks will go into this position.

Under honest and ethical intentions and actions, merit places our purpose at the height of societal worth. It’s an indescribable feeling to know that most people primarily favour this purpose to prevent pandemics ethically, and most of the time, I want it for everyone.

But what about the women? The women will also be responsible for keeping those on the frontlines and those legally allowed to disclose what is happening on the frontlines to live and be free to express freedom of speech.

Women will be taking charge of Service Desk duties which consist of the following:

  • Responsible for staff access details
  •   Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
  •   Subscribing medical staff
  •   Not disclosing private information to the public
  •   Collecting relevant qualifications from healthcare workers
  •   Linking bank details for medical staff
  •   Data entry
  •   Addressing first responders’ information enquiries on devices and function(s)
  • Managing dispatch of stock

Accounts Payable:

  • Process services annual payments
  •  Process staff payments

First Responders:

  • Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
  •   Liaising with Service Desk if there are any questions on devices and function(s)
  •   Liaising with healthcare workers in realtime
  •   Managing P1 to P4 cases between junior and senior level responders by task allocation using ticket tagging
  •   Negotiating with air and water services for risk mitigation for the spread of the virus(es) by utilising resources for prevention methods
  •   Collecting data for cases by liaising with healthcare workers and colleagues

Service Desk roles may be quieter or busier than responder roles. However, the responsibilities test emotional tameness and dealing with life-and-death situations. First responders are more in leadership roles and understand the very function of devices that assist with risk mitigation. Risk mitigation requires a lot of practicality when it comes to being resourceful. In contrast, computer scientists, immunologists, material engineers and programmers must create diagnostic devices and communication systems between WHO, CDC, UNICEF, Red Cross and other health organisation data centres for borders, airlines, and travel boats to mitigate the risk of rapid public exposure and treatment.

Men and women working alongside each other are way more powerful when we understand gendered natural choices. And guess what? It’s all legal. Reporting the crisis in lab or frontline outbreaks right through to cross-contamination is legal. It’s been legal since the 1970s when Roger Tomlinsons’ invention to report outbreaks came into play.

Essentially both teams are responsible for the global economy and people are the economy.


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