The Pros and Cons of Ethnocentrism and Human Survival

I will discuss my observation on how ethnocentrism favours biological death, health disruption and mate selection bias. And yes, I will talk about my six-year journey to prevent a pandemic.

Ethnocentrism on a lighter scale of pulling the ‘race card’, is when people judge others from their cultural point of view as correct. It is undoubtedly a tribal trait that men, in particular, have because men have access to relationships and commitment. Black Lives Matter was similar to ethnocentrism; it prioritizes an ethnic culture (or Black culture in this case) as important. It only sees itself as a victim and cares for itself above others. 

I’m Fijian-Indian, and I’ve researched the White colonization of India and Fiji when the Eugenics culture and Scientific Racism were in play. One of the first things I observed was that countries like India are probably (in my humble opinion) 50% better off without white colonization simply because Queen Victoria was starving her workers to death in the name of profiting from the wheat stock supply. That’s dumb. In comparison, Fiji fell apart when the British granted them Independence. That’s dumb. 

On another note, there are still babies/adults with blue eyes and blonde hair in today’s society, like the first white settlers. This also tells you that Rotarians (as they are classified) are just human beings like people of colour people with not one inclining of melanin mixed with light-skinned. Biologically, men say they want their offspring to look like them—so they are more likely to procreate with someone with the same skin complexion range as them because a large percentage of men don’t want to raise a child that may not be theirs. They say it a million times.

The problem with people’s denial of this biological bias is that they’ll say, “I’m not racist. My wife and I are Chinese, but my best friend is South Indian.” But it’s different when you and your wife are Chinese because you aren’t married to a South Indian because South Indians aren’t going to give a Chinese man a baby who looks entirely like him. And men say it all the time—men look at various things in women for replication value, that includes ethnic similarities. They don’t care how ‘good you are at your job’. They don’t want to raise a kid or kids who don’t look like them. People with blue and brown eyes and all lives deserve a space on this planet. White people in today’s day and age can prefer other white people for mate selection just as people of colour prefer people of colour, but we need to live harmoniously together.

There are so many people of colour who don’t blame white people for the choices they’ve made in their life.

The Cons

In other blogs, I’ve said this a few times, but I will state what the great Kevin Samuels (RIP) said.

Men developed technology to challenge nature”. 

-Kevin Samuels

This also challenges what men’s advocate Myron Gaines once said:

“Men deal with the world as it is”.

No, 85% of men choose dangerous jobs that run and maintain economic life. They build things that challenge nature.

Men built every range of infrastructure on the principle of probability.

i.e. The population will rise by x% by 2022. Therefore x amount of housing needs to be built.

Before the pandemic, I observed that people who were either light-skinned and people of colour denied the fact that they could probably experience what other counties went through, in other words, they denied that they could probably experience what someone of the opposite complexion could experience.

I had a Black Man from Africa say, “Leave our countries alone; Ebola is part of what our country goes through”. So if I had to look at that objectively, I would ask every person who was or wasn’t a person of colour, “Do you want to die alone in an isolation unit from a hemorrhagic fever?”. Or this Mexican and Norwegian mixed girl told me, “Don’t tackle viral epidemics” before the pandemic. If 51% of Africans didn’t mind that manner of death, but 51% of the rest of the world found that form of death undesirable, and there is available technology to prevent that virus from spreading globally, wouldn’t that help propagate society without global disruption? It didn’t just take two people for me to reach that conclusion. There were countless others. 

People were then projecting their political viewpoints on vaccines based on their immune capabilities, but that is not how the world works.

If you project your viewpoints on what you deem as ‘severe’ or ‘not severe’ about a pandemic, do you deserve people in your circle or following who are immune compromised or most affected by a pandemic?

Wouldn’t it be safe to say that whether you are a Rotarian or POC (Person of Color), your infants with no immune systems before and after birth would have a higher chance of survival given there wouldn’t be a lack of medical supply, medical staff and overwhelmed hospital systems if technology were to prevent a pandemic?

From my observation, to be from one pure race (black or white appearance), most of the time, aren’t first-natured in seeing each other as human beings. The primary nature is to prioritize their own families, not knowing that if one day (god forbid) humans of all races start transmitting a super virus, things will be much more complicated than COVID-19.

Having a friend with the opposite appearance is different from marrying someone with the same appearance as you. More often than not, men (the selectors of relationships) want their offspring to look like them and believe their ‘immune systems can outperform when fighting off infections’. Men who marry and replicate with people of the same ethnicity have more trust with said people when it comes to having someone who relates to them more culturally and hence believe their gene pool would be stronger (un)consciously.

By political reporter Matthew Doran in Bali
Posted Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 7:22pmTuesday 15 Nov 2022 at 7:22pm, updated Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 9:18pm

Even now, the function of a global economy is debatable when classifying it as a ‘social construct’, as we rely upon other countries for resource extraction to run economic life in every country. Still, ethnocentrism doesn’t pay off when you build a global economy, it certainly is a natural bias for reproduction. To primarily classify people as humans as a whole; is to live more, in reality, to propagate a society more successfully.

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