Governments Gone Wrong

I’m going to explain how I’m pro-design and how I am not anti-government, as well as where most Western Governments went wrong during the pandemic with stimulus cheques. In addition, how design is fundamental in being pro-government. And, of course, female nature.

After spending six years finding out how design can prevent pandemics, I used to work my regular jobs in retail and hospitality while doing so. I live in Australia for better opportunities and to be an honest taxpayer. I used to vote for the Liberal party for the longest even in the last election, where they lost during the pandemic. 

The first point is that the Liberal party paid frontline workers in retail/hospitality (majority women) with stimulus cheques of upto $1500 per fortnight. It wasn’t well-earned money for the vast majority of women and men.

The second point I have to make is that women (in generalities) don’t respect men who give them money they haven’t earned

I’ll give another example. Suppose I’m working casually in a retail store and as a graduate. In my spare time, I find objective ways to prevent global disruption through pandemic prevention methods and systems. In that case, I’m worth $1500 per fortnight because I’m saving the Government from paying people more than what they put in to keep the economy functioning. The Government has taxpayers’ money; they don’t have their own money. 

The third point I must make is that the Liberal finally lost the election because needless to say the overwhelming majority don’t appreciate the payment they haven’t worked hard for, nor do they accept the outcomes of a pandemics that battles the human biological imperatives.

Now granted, when you’re a senior-level designer, you’re meant to be thinking about these things, I mean you didn’t work your way up to that position to have leverage for nothing.

However, giving money to people who aren’t aiming for essential issues on the side is a tremendous waste of money and causes economic disruption and loss of political respect because everyone likes familiarly with their jobs no matter what socio-economic they may end up in.

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