Poor Rich People

I will explain the hideous truth about rich people; hopefully, it is some of whom I am addressing. Rich people don’t care about the weather during a pandemic. They care about how grateful you can be when struggling as a poor/average-income earner who looks up to them.

As someone who sought to look after the global economy by preventing pandemics ethically before the pandemic, I’ve realised a lot during the pandemic when it comes to attention-rich people. They don’t care if their followers have to take a last-minute manufactured vaccine or the restrictions a pandemic imposes upon people’s biological imperatives. They care about how overvalued they are. Rappers, entrepreneurs, and people who have entertained their audience through some service/product that doesn’t entirely ensure your safety for your biological imperatives. Their common mantra is:

Be grateful for what you have”. 

Let me remind you—though they will encourage you to be rich when you cannot be wealthy dead. The poor/average may be ok with being poor/average, but they can’t be poor/average dead. Do you understand? Don’t forget that super viruses are much harder to treat and cure and will cause more grief to your lives. Everyone wants to survive with what they have.

Not one rich person that I know of counted their living followers.

Look at Dave Nick for example.

Hmm yes Dave, I bet earning 10k a month for YouTube Automation Business for 3 years in lock down with the probability of catching a 40% to 90% mortality rate super virus when you’re out grocery shopping is a splendid way to live (or even die) rich. Yes… a deadlier virus can kill you through cross-contamination whether you’re poor all the way to rich.

But carry on Dave…

There is $1540,000,000,000,000 USD in the world ÷ 7,980,005,938 (world population) = $192,982.31 per person.

How can content creators or entrepreneurs persuade every person to be rich when there would be no rich people? This is where content creators, entertainers or entrepreneurs become so overpriced or overvalued.

Say you die tomorrow; the attention-rich content creators aren’t going to check if you’re alive after you’ve died from a virus that could’ve been prevented from invading yours and everyone else’s countries.

I’m worth $1540,000,000,000,000 because I worked long and hard before the pandemic to save the global economy and I found three objective answers before it even arrived. Not these attention-rich entrepreneurs/content-creators who didn’t try to save a single soul and what those people had worked hard for.

Though I would not take that sum of money, why are people who aren’t saving their followers getting richer? Then after advise poor/average people, saying, “Be grateful for what you have” or “Live every day like it was your last”. What the hell are they going to do in lockdown if they’ve run out of things to do under government restrictions? Were you ma’am/sir trying to save them before the pandemic? How long is one going to work under restrictions until they want/need a holiday?

Do you see the figure below? Bill Gates wants to prevent pandemics.
People think pumping 500 billion USD is worth saving the global economy.

It’s a desperate sign that people would pump a lot of money to keep their biological imperatives safe. His method isn’t ethical because he’s just allowing a pandemic to occur again. But people don’t want to endure the same cycle again, even if they could be financially richer.

Our survival methods aren’t on the premise of becoming immortal. We want to survive until we cannot physically endure when we become old. We want to be practical because of our beliefs, the lifestyle we live and with the infrastructures that have been built, within capacity.
Becoming rich because of a pandemic isn’t making everyone else rich; it’s impossible. You’ve seen the math. Survival ensures everyone can enjoy their current lifestyle because technology has given us the mobility to do so by preventing pandemics.

This is why those who disagree with me can’t truly appreciate you as a follower. It would kill them further to know that designers look after their followers. We’re not over-priced unless we sit on our titles, not trying to save the global economy; people are the global economy—the poor, average and rich. Be you poor, middle or rich; but you stay living till old age leaves you with less freedom because at least you know you cannot be immortal.

Rich people don’t want me to find a way to save poor, average or rich people themselves from pandemics because selling you rap lines, ass, market trading, to online-business building during lockdown, is still limiting you from being free or safe. They just want to make more money. That’s the cold hard truth. You’d have to be the subject to a preventable crisis when everyone can’t be rich. We’re simply funding money into people who aren’t saving everyone else but themselves.

I’m sorry but the price of art cannot outdo the price of design. Because design is responsible for everyone. Everyone we love/hate. It is a discipline that requires immense responsibility and more than that of art.

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