Intro – How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically

Hello Everyone,

This is just an introduction to my written proposal on preventing pandemics ethically on my paid blog, How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically. It contains academic research where I spent six years between 2014 to 2019 studying ethical ways in which design technology can contribute to saving healthcare workers, the global economy and further productivity in the global economic marketplace by containing epidemics.

The article explains solutions and hurdles of an outbreak’s happenings on the frontlines, and I’ll discuss my finding of the objective answers I found during my journey.

You may read my ‘How to’ article on the premise that you’ll either want to know what technology serves all of our biological human imperatives, or you may become a future investor in creating a safer global economy.

Either way, it’s going to
take a village

This fundraising cause gathers people from different disciplines to develop honest, ethical, collaborative and worthy solutions to look after the world population. So all proceeds go towards employing new people.

Kind regards,
Nandini Singh

You can also purchase my article to view called How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically or read The Importance of Pandemic Prevention for further understanding for free.

Thank you so very much for your contribution.

Kind regards,
Nandini Singh

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