Permitting Pandemics

There are many reasons I’ve stated why pandemics are inconvenient and why we need to challenge nature and human morality in my blog post titled The Importance of Pandemic Prevention or, in my more vaguely described article titled Combating Outbreaks. But I thought I’d point out what leaders like Bill Gates agree to when he talks about ‘Pandemic Prevention’ in his new book and on LinkedIn. And no, I don’t want to be enemies with anyone. Still, again, we have to discuss what power and leverage can do when having ‘good intentions’ doesn’t serve our human biological imperatives because men design technology to challenge nature.

Bill Gates is now focusing on manufacturing vaccines and allowing pandemics to happen; this also means that we will have to endure the same hardship again. Now even though I am pro-vaxxer, I’m more pro-practical. I’m for a pandemic never occurring because if a super virus takes a world tour—it’s not going to be feasible, and it’s going to be way more tragic than COVID-19 because it’s difficult to manufacture a licensed vaccine for a rapidly mutating super virus. Ark Innovations just invented rapid genome systems in 2020. That was the very idea I thought about in 2018 which examines RNA and DNA samples collected by scientists. Rapid Genome Systems should’ve been invented when the very first super virus was discovered.

Thirty-one per cent agreed that pandemic prevention was worth five hundred billion dollars under the pretence that a pandemic occurs.
Even a multi-billionaire isn’t familiar with design ethics and how pandemics move against our human biological imperatives. Yet, you have tons of people who will fall at their feet for unethical solution(s) that will cost them dearly. 

Figure 1: Pandemic Prevention Poll by Bill Gates

Another point is, is that men have built an entire global economy, who is looking after it? Only 10% of designers will make and sell useful goods and services that spin the global economic place and who consider sustainability on a broad scale. Which also means they’ve passed being the 90% of designers who only do commercial work that doesn’t contribute to human survival.

You can find out more about Bill Gates’s journey on LinkedIn. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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