Huge Thank You

I want to thank everyone who does understand the idea of pandemic prevention. To tell people they should die in isolation units, be placed in lockdowns, die in the back of trucks, and let their bodies decay for days outside funeral homes is a terrible agreement. And then endure several other harsh social and economic factors that come into play.

Many believe that the world is overpopulated, which may be true because ‘too much of anything is never good’ is a true statement. But the reality is that men have built an entire global economy. The most ambitious people come from third-world countries or poverty-line backgrounds; do they not have the right to procreate? The average men require to go out and build the spine of our daily infrastructure, so it’s a given that they can’t stay indoors without high levels of productivity, and the rich, too, are enjoying the fruits of their hardship (unless they have inheritance), so they want to travel and network.

I’m in no position to personalise how people live their lives, but when there’s a viral outbreak—there are three kinds of people:

  1. Pro-vaxxers who don’t trust their immune systems
  2. Anti-vaxxers who rely on their immune systems to combat the virus
  3. People who are conspiracy theorists who have never thrived in outbreak-prone countries or have no real knowledge of the hardship in hot zones.

As well as a high level of uncertainty of what lengths people would go to to keep their beliefs alive. In summary, it all comes down to risk mitigation for the kind of (in the case of a pandemic) survival tact(s) one wants to live by.

A 1.2% to 2% mortality rate virus is much easier to manufacture a licensed vaccine. However, super viruses would be troublesome—Ark Innovations invented the first rapid genome system in 2020. Super viruses like Ebola hadn’t had a licensed vaccine made since the 1970s when it was discovered, so pro-vaxxers would gain not much trust as it is illegal to sell unlicensed vaccines and complex to manufacture as its own mortality rate is between 40 to 90 per cent.

Ultimately, Design Ethicists don’t have a say in who dies/lives but rather create more freedom for people to enjoy their fruits in the world more freely. Saving people is a far better alternative as most of the infrastructures built today do have a capacity, and it’s also our responsibility not to allow more impairment/problems to the world constructed painstakingly by men.

Thank you so much. I appreciate everyone who supports this cause. It was a pleasure to find a way to deter the chaos because of male inventors.

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