Dear Detractors

To those who weren’t and aren’t fond of me and who troubled me between 2014-2019 whilst I was in the pursuit of pandemic prevention through design—I’ve heard many stories about complex managers and work colleagues, as well as those who cry in front of their bosses because of guilt for their mistakes or deficiencies, or those forced to work in the scorching hot heat because of someones mysterious unliking towards them for differences. Being a manager is relatively easy in terms of authority—you fire people who refuse to follow your orders or keep them if they comply, and it isn’t worth becoming so intoxicated over the ‘power’ that you have. Do you think I can leverage your lives and everyone else’s in the palm of my hands for recognition and ‘power’? Oh no. Have you ever heard the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility?”. Oh, how familiar that is to me when I think back.

I control no one’s life. I do not arrange for people to ruin people. Unless they want it from me.
I was doing what I had to do. Often I encounter people who are mad that I failed pandemic prevention, but men have access to outcomes, not women. To all those men and women who don’t like me, I’m here to tell you that some jobs are elementary, and there’s always spare time to put your discipline to a challenge on the side, not to remain one-track-minded. I’m not going to apologize to you guys because I thought of world issues to solve in my 20s. 

Just because you didn’t delegate effort and time in researching problem-solving solutions through anything but books and recent scholarly articles promptly with a high level of accuracy as I did, hasn’t left me a with a shortage of access to opportunities. Nor does that give you a reason to settle for mediocrity. And yes, I failed, but I wasn’t thinking about making a mess of the world. You did.

I’ve done my due diligence when I was a junior, as most of us should in our 20s, to stop ourselves diving and swimming in the shallow end of the sea and call that an ‘accomplishment’ when there’s an entire global economy depending on the backs of the youth while our brains are sponges. 

It took skill and strength to sit in a library and learn more and more whilst you all sought to ruin everyone’s lives by doing nothing but ill-intended devils work. Still, in the end, I am not a statistic as one of the ‘Nationalists Who Did Nothing for their Country’ list, plainly wearing their country on their unironed sleeves, let alone seeing themselves as primarily human beings lol.

If you disagree with me strongly—you’re more than welcome to eat Liberian or Democratic Republic of Congo bat meat and endure Ebola and if you survive it; then write a blog about whether it would be ideal for a wider population to endure that kind of suffrage.
At least that would be your moral choice.
That’s up to you guys, no pressure from me.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Nandini Singh

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