Abused Birthrights & Burden of Performance.

What is the most significant birthright that women abuse today?

It’s often fertile women who bring a child to term without marriage. I would observe today that the average fertile woman who ovulates matured eggs cares very little about male provisioning, the masculine burden of performance, and their own feminine burden of performance. 

It’s not to insinuate that men should settle for women over 30 when they’re facing a probability of geriatric pregnancy, but rather women who are born 1st and 2nd stage infertile. Here is why; it’s ten times the work to meet the feminine burden of performance. We have to speak and behave in manners that are agreeable to men, we can’t be too opinionated (or so my dad told me), we can’t sleep around, we don’t talk to Chad in the club or any guy because mum told us so because guys in the club don’t want relationships, that the man we marry is not our father. We learn those things in our early 20s. We must be physically and mentally fit and careful with men; we must know we’re replaceable. 

Women with PCOS don’t ovulate, but we can only bring a healthy baby to term if we’re physically fit and when our husbands are fit and hence have healthy sperm. We have premature eggs, whereas the average woman who ovulates has matured eggs that don’t require a fit man. However, being a fit man significantly increases the chances of a baby being healthy, whether the wife ovulates or not.

Women with PCOS don’t lose eggs; our eggs become mature over time. This also increases my chance of carrying a child to term successfully.

Just because I don’t ovulate doesn’t give me the right to be promiscuous. It simply means there’s a fair chance that men don’t understand the feminine burden of performance that comes with being first and second-stage infertile. You only become third and fourth stage if you and your husband are unfit.

But also, meeting the feminine burden of performance owes you a man who has met the masculine burden of performance and can appreciate your qualities. Then, further to our starter pack, we must learn what the man likes.

The sad reality about modern society is that women don’t have the feminine burden of performance placed on them when they are fully fertile. Locking down a girl with PCOS around when she’s 18 to 24 is much more of a lower-risk option for men. But bare in mind; that not ovulating is can also be a natural contraception for women, which may enable ‘sexual freedom’. I can’t entirely agree with having sexual freedom under those circumstances but explaining first, and second-stage infertility is a hurdle for us to make men understand. So make sure you get a girl who is serious under those circumstances. You could do that by meeting her parents while dating her just to gauge if she doesn’t abuse that gift because she also can’t be in the labour room giving birth for just any man. Our motherhood and your fatherhood are incumbent upon both participants to meet their gendered performance burden for healthy parental investment.

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