• Pandemic Prevention Between Men and Women.

    I’ve got a little test for you—tell your loved ones you’ll learn how to prevent pandemics ethically and see how they react.

    For the last couple of years, I’ve emphasised that I wanted men to become first responders. Being a first responder is very demanding, and many thanks will go into this position.

    Under honest and ethical intentions and actions, merit places our purpose at the height of societal worth. It’s an indescribable feeling to know that most people primarily favour this purpose to prevent pandemics ethically, and most of the time, I want it for everyone.

    But what about the women? The women will also be responsible for keeping those on the frontlines and those legally allowed to disclose what is happening on the frontlines to live and be free to express freedom of speech.

    Women will be taking charge of Service Desk duties which consist of the following:

    • Responsible for staff access details
    •   Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
    •   Subscribing medical staff
    •   Not disclosing private information to the public
    •   Collecting relevant qualifications from healthcare workers
    •   Linking bank details for medical staff
    •   Data entry
    •   Addressing first responders’ information enquiries on devices and function(s)
    • Managing dispatch of stock

    Accounts Payable:

    • Process services annual payments
    •  Process staff payments

    First Responders:

    • Sound knowledge of medical devices and diagnosis knowledge
    •   Liaising with Service Desk if there are any questions on devices and function(s)
    •   Liaising with healthcare workers in realtime
    •   Managing P1 to P4 cases between junior and senior level responders by task allocation using ticket tagging
    •   Negotiating with air and water services for risk mitigation for the spread of the virus(es) by utilising resources for prevention methods
    •   Collecting data for cases by liaising with healthcare workers and colleagues

    Service Desk roles may be quieter or busier than responder roles. However, the responsibilities test emotional tameness and dealing with life-and-death situations. First responders are more in leadership roles and understand the very function of devices that assist with risk mitigation. Risk mitigation requires a lot of practicality when it comes to being resourceful. In contrast, computer scientists, immunologists, material engineers and programmers must create diagnostic devices and communication systems between WHO, CDC, UNICEF, Red Cross and other health organisation data centres for borders, airlines, and travel boats to mitigate the risk of rapid public exposure and treatment.

    Men and women working alongside each other are way more powerful when we understand gendered natural choices. And guess what? It’s all legal. Reporting the crisis in lab or frontline outbreaks right through to cross-contamination is legal. It’s been legal since the 1970s when Roger Tomlinsons’ invention to report outbreaks came into play.

    Essentially both teams are responsible for the global economy and people are the economy.


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  • Intro – How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically

    Hello Everyone,

    This is just an introduction to my written proposal on preventing pandemics ethically on my paid blog, How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically. It contains academic research where I spent six years between 2014 to 2019 studying ethical ways in which design technology can contribute to saving healthcare workers, the global economy and further productivity in the global economic marketplace by containing epidemics.

    The article explains solutions and hurdles of an outbreak’s happenings on the frontlines, and I’ll discuss my finding of the objective answers I found during my journey.

    You may read my ‘How to’ article on the premise that you’ll either want to know what technology serves all of our biological human imperatives, or you may become a future investor in creating a safer global economy.

    Either way, it’s going to take a village to make shooting stars.

    This fundraising cause gathers people from different disciplines to develop honest, ethical, collaborative and worthy solutions to look after the world population. So all proceeds go towards employing new people.

    Kind regards,
    Nandini Singh

    You can also purchase my article to view called How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically or read The Importance of Pandemic Prevention for further understanding for free.

    Thank you so very much for your contribution.

    Kind regards,
    Nandini Singh

  • How to Prevent Pandemics Ethically

    Doing the right thing is hard, but it's my thing to do.

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  • The Importance of Pandemic Prevention

    Only 10% of designers understand design ethics and what it means to save society. Design has a minimal bias on who is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in society. Design is a very outward discipline. It accommodates the poor, middle-class and rich income earners. Design is meant to take care of everyone; everyone you and I hate and love. Design looks at reality objectively. The law looks at society subjectively. Hence, my professor Dr Soheil Ashrafi once stated the truth about the law, “The law cannot please every morality; design can”. And in saying that, as the great Kevin Samuels once stated, “Technology was made to challenge nature”. Design is very understanding of the human biological imperatives.

    Everyone will die one day, but everyone reaches old age at different times to a point where even hospital capacity aren’t overwhelmed, making a practical society. Viral pandemics don’t care about capacity.

    I read many books about healthcare workers’ and laboratorists’ experiences on the front and statistics before the pandemic. I had to stop the gunman from walking in and shooting everyone. I knew what would happen to first and third-world countries. I sometimes am so baffled by the things I learn from all that reading. Imagine knowing all the chaos that would occur on a large scale and knowing that it would be genocide to sit back and let it happen. Imagine knowing how flawed the tools were for epidemic containment that cost healthcare workers, the public their lives and the economy because people ranging from poor to rich are the backbone of the economy. 

    A whopping 58% of healthcare workers who tried to contain the Ebola outbreak from 2014 to 2015 lost their lives; they left the more giant killers to assist with the more diminutive killer (Ebola). Malaria (the biggest killer) killed 50 times more than the Ebola death toll. I found a safe material for the garments in a technical textile book that wouldn’t put the healthcare workers in danger (but is not feasible on a pandemic scale); then, I found a humanitarian communicative system that healthcare workers used for outbreaks since the 1960s and planned how that would function for responders and then I thought of rapid computational genome systems which computer scientists never invented. No fast genome systems were invented to keep up with that 40% to 90% mortality rate virus because its overestimated mutation rate was 9.5 until 2020 by Ark Innovations. 

    Emotionally by Jan 2019—I was swimming in a pool of my very own tears and sweat because nobody understood ‘probability.’

    Look—90% of product designers do commercial work. They’re not impacting the global economic place with world-improving products/services. And most companies settle for mediocrity by employing people who don’t want to grow the 10% of designers who are contributing meaningfully.

    When people say, “Pandemics are normal”, they don’t know that superviruses (if they go global) will be the demise of our human biological imperatives. Even social media is disagreeable with our human biological imperatives. Everything has a capacity.

    The notion that ‘work from home’ was a revolution could’ve been done without a pandemic. Why didn’t people who passed their probation period or have excellent performance ratings at work get to work from home before the pandemic? Yes, money through public transportation spins the economy. But preventing pandemics spins the global economy.

    You can expand that 10% by doing construction, biomedical engineering, engineering (all disciples), computer science and Industrial Design (to design medical equipment and devices) or any sustainability discipline. 

    I would encourage young men, in particular, to be excellent in those fields because men have designed everything in this world since the beginning of time, and men can design more sustainable economic infrastructures.

  • Why Pandemic Prevention is an Unpopular Concept

    Social Media is a massive drug for attention in society. It has more supporters than people against it as a source of income.

    So you’re probably asking, “Are you going to drop the cause?” and the answer is “No”. I say “No” because the more giant killers go up during viral epidemics/pandemics. The people advocating to stop Cancer, Heart Disease and any other significant killers in other countries don’t have a blithering chance with preventing their cause diagnosis when and where there is a viral epidemic/pandemic because third-world countries lack resources (which in turn increases viral transmission rates), whilst in first-world nations—people have no access to the abundance of resources whilst they obey Government regulations to self isolate.

    But in my observation, many people say, “Help us raise Cancer awareness” seems prevalent in society because people don’t know any better than what I’ve stated. Now though there are ways more ethical than what we’ve seen to prevent pandemics, I can’t get people to switch their morals to say, “Let’s prevent future viral pandemics from happening”, but rather “We need to prevent viral pandemics too, because of a, b and c”.

    I certainly (from 2014) hated the idea of more giant killers thriving after reading about how the Malaria death toll grew to 600,000 during the 2013-2015 Ebola outbreak when it typically takes 500,000 lives without any other viral outbreak surging the way Ebola did. I couldn’t agree with that kind of outcome, along with many different results when viruses get out of control.

    The fact is that you can make money online and become rich but you can’t be rich dead whether by larger/smaller killer particularly when you are like every other human being who wants money through attention and/or entertainment on a daily basis.

  • Be My Never Valentines

    This article is the horrible truth about my life. The truth about why I can never have the guy I want and why ethnocentrism is an inherited male nature. I am a woman who can never have a man, nor can become a whore.

    It’s not to say I don’t like men. Men aren’t going anywhere, and that’s great, even if that shouldn’t mean it’s a good or bad thing. Because, like Kevin Samuels (R.I.P) once said, “A man can be your greatest demise or greatest protectorate”. 

    I am South Indian and Nepalese; if you go and talk with most South Indians and most Nepalese, they are married to their ethnicity. And it’s clear to see that men have a preference for marriage. I don’t pick the man. So, of course, you might be Black and Asian in America—But it’s not the same in Australia. Very rarely do you see an Indian crossbred. An Indian with an East Asian is a ‘no’, an Indian with a Black is a ‘Never seen that’. Everywhere I look, everyone has paired with their pure bloodline or someone of the same colour.

    I don’t get attention from guys, even the friendly ones who want nothing more. I could dance in public and still be invisible.

    I can’t be with single dads because my dad says single dads want to have fun. I’m not after ‘fun’. I can’t be with a Muslim. I can’t be with weird guys (which is fine because guys shouldn’t want crazy girls). I can’t date guys online or meet them in person. I have rules that keep me safe.

    The truth is—I don’t get a guy easily because even though I’ll settle for different ethnic guys, guys have preferences and are usually within their race. That’s a fact. I’m not complaining, but I need people to understand that men have access to commitment, not women. I’ve even accepted that myself.

  • Dear Governments

    I made a lot of enemies along the way for trying to do what was right—to stop a pandemic.

    But what they’ve committed to sacrificing me is nothing short of genocide. ‘Why?’ You ask. Let me explain as clearly as I can. Things that are preventable by technology are worth preventing, always. It’s always better than the cure. Or if there were a super virus—a remedy would be hard to make, and the manufacturing process would be hard to trust. Please think of how many people received stimulus cheques and still voted their country leader out—Trump, Morrison, and Boris Johnson were chased out of their seat. Jacinda Ardern forfeited despite seeming to be fit for leadership during the pandemic. All that money given to taxpayers who didn’t work from home—has gone unappreciated. 

    You can’t pay people to stay home and do nothing and not be expected to be voted out. That’s not how women work psychologically. Women like to earn money and things. 

    Have you ever heard of the Red Pill community of men who view women who are fat for ‘recreational use’? Just an opinion, right? Was it in your ‘opinion’ that you wanted to wear what you wore today and enacted upon it? See when thoughts that can hurt you when they turn into action; will you complain you were used because you decided body positivity was accepting being fat was ok? Or do you realise that if everyone were fat, there would be a national emergency? What on Earth are the Governments doing?

    What is the point in shaking hands with Bill Gates, who only wants to mass produce vaccines, sell them to countries, and allow another pandemic to happen? You will lose your seat like the last leader.

    Look at the Liberals—won year after year for so long, and now suddenly the media wants to say ‘Liberals lacked female leadership’, oh look… It’s Jacinda saying what no man in leadership has ever said. Women don’t lead men; we help men. How many women are Prime Ministers/Presidents… I’ll wait.

    Liberals didn’t lose because of ‘the lack of female leadership’. They lost because they didn’t use technology to challenge nature. And paying women to stay home unproductive goes against female nature. Are we going to allow some other virus (God forbid, a higher mortality rate virus) to go global, give people who aren’t trying to stop these kinds of disasters from happening money and then lose your leadership seats? Stop self-sabotaging this great country with such pointless biases. Because permitting viruses on arrival is a lot to ask for in terms of trouble. Mass graves are not a fancy tourist attraction. 

    You will lose your seats without knowing how to use GIS or RGS to challenge nature as man has intended since the beginning of time. You can’t do it without me—a person who studied relentlessly before the pandemic since 2014. You’re not more honest than Medecins Sans Frontiers to Unicef and me unless you really want to prevent pandemics ethically.

  • The Pros and Cons of Ethnocentrism and Human Survival

    I will discuss my observation on how ethnocentrism favours biological death, health disruption and mate selection bias. And yes, I will talk about my six-year journey to prevent a pandemic.

    Ethnocentrism on a lighter scale of pulling the ‘race card’, is when people judge others from their cultural point of view as correct. It is undoubtedly a tribal trait that men, in particular, have because men have access to relationships and commitment. Black Lives Matter was similar to ethnocentrism; it prioritizes an ethnic culture (or Black culture in this case) as important. It only sees itself as a victim and cares for itself above others. 

    I’m Fijian-Indian, and I’ve researched the White colonization of India and Fiji when the Eugenics culture and Scientific Racism were in play. One of the first things I observed was that countries like India are probably (in my humble opinion) 50% better off without white colonization simply because Queen Victoria was starving her workers to death in the name of profiting from the wheat stock supply. That’s dumb. In comparison, Fiji fell apart when the British granted them Independence. That’s dumb. 

    On another note, there are still babies/adults with blue eyes and blonde hair in today’s society, like the first white settlers. This also tells you that Rotarians (as they are classified) are just human beings like people of colour people with not one inclining of melanin mixed with light-skinned. Biologically, men say they want their offspring to look like them—so they are more likely to procreate with someone with the same skin complexion range as them because a large percentage of men don’t want to raise a child that may not be theirs. They say it a million times.

    The problem with people’s denial of this biological bias is that they’ll say, “I’m not racist. My wife and I are Chinese, but my best friend is South Indian.” But it’s different when you and your wife are Chinese because you aren’t married to a South Indian because South Indians aren’t going to give a Chinese man a baby who looks entirely like him. And men say it all the time—men look at various things in women for replication value, that includes ethnic similarities. They don’t care how ‘good you are at your job’. They don’t want to raise a kid or kids who don’t look like them. People with blue and brown eyes and all lives deserve a space on this planet. White people in today’s day and age can prefer other white people for mate selection just as people of colour prefer people of colour, but we need to live harmoniously together.

    There are so many people of colour who don’t blame white people for the choices they’ve made in their life.

    The Cons

    In other blogs, I’ve said this a few times, but I will state what the great Kevin Samuels (RIP) said.

    Men developed technology to challenge nature”. 

    -Kevin Samuels

    This also challenges what men’s advocate Myron Gaines once said:

    “Men deal with the world as it is”.

    No, 85% of men choose dangerous jobs that run and maintain economic life. They build things that challenge nature.

    Men built every range of infrastructure on the principle of probability.

    i.e. The population will rise by x% by 2022. Therefore x amount of housing needs to be built.

    Before the pandemic, I observed that people who were either light-skinned and people of colour denied the fact that they could probably experience what other counties went through, in other words, they denied that they could probably experience what someone of the opposite complexion could experience.

    I had a Black Man from Africa say, “Leave our countries alone; Ebola is part of what our country goes through”. So if I had to look at that objectively, I would ask every person who was or wasn’t a person of colour, “Do you want to die alone in an isolation unit from a hemorrhagic fever?”. Or this Mexican and Norwegian mixed girl told me, “Don’t tackle viral epidemics” before the pandemic. If 51% of Africans didn’t mind that manner of death, but 51% of the rest of the world found that form of death undesirable, and there is available technology to prevent that virus from spreading globally, wouldn’t that help propagate society without global disruption? It didn’t just take two people for me to reach that conclusion. There were countless others. 

    People were then projecting their political viewpoints on vaccines based on their immune capabilities, but that is not how the world works.

    If you project your viewpoints on what you deem as ‘severe’ or ‘not severe’ about a pandemic, do you deserve people in your circle or following who are immune compromised or most affected by a pandemic?

    Wouldn’t it be safe to say that whether you are a Rotarian or POC (Person of Color), your infants with no immune systems before and after birth would have a higher chance of survival given there wouldn’t be a lack of medical supply, medical staff and overwhelmed hospital systems if technology were to prevent a pandemic?

    From my observation, to be from one pure race (black or white appearance), most of the time, aren’t first-natured in seeing each other as human beings. The primary nature is to prioritize their own families, not knowing that if one day (god forbid) humans of all races start transmitting a super virus, things will be much more complicated than COVID-19.

    Having a friend with the opposite appearance is different from marrying someone with the same appearance as you. More often than not, men (the selectors of relationships) want their offspring to look like them and believe their ‘immune systems can outperform when fighting off infections’. Men who marry and replicate with people of the same ethnicity have more trust with said people when it comes to having someone who relates to them more culturally and hence believe their gene pool would be stronger (un)consciously.

    By political reporter Matthew Doran in Bali
Posted Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 7:22pmTuesday 15 Nov 2022 at 7:22pm, updated Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 9:18pm

    Even now, the function of a global economy is debatable when classifying it as a ‘social construct’, as we rely upon other countries for resource extraction to run economic life in every country. Still, ethnocentrism doesn’t pay off when you build a global economy, it certainly is a natural bias for reproduction. To primarily classify people as humans as a whole; is to live more, in reality, to propagate a society more successfully.

  • Governments Gone Wrong

    I’m going to explain how I’m pro-design and how I am not anti-government, as well as where most Western Governments went wrong during the pandemic with stimulus cheques. In addition, how design is fundamental in being pro-government. And, of course, female nature.

    After spending six years finding out how design can prevent pandemics, I used to work my regular jobs in retail and hospitality while doing so. I live in Australia for better opportunities and to be an honest taxpayer. I used to vote for the Liberal party for the longest even in the last election, where they lost during the pandemic. 

    The first point is that the Liberal party paid frontline workers in retail/hospitality (majority women) with stimulus cheques of upto $1500 per fortnight. It wasn’t well-earned money for the vast majority of women and men.

    The second point I have to make is that women (in generalities) don’t respect men who give them money they haven’t earned

    I’ll give another example. Suppose I’m working casually in a retail store and as a graduate. In my spare time, I find objective ways to prevent global disruption through pandemic prevention methods and systems. In that case, I’m worth $1500 per fortnight because I’m saving the Government from paying people more than what they put in to keep the economy functioning. The Government has taxpayers’ money; they don’t have their own money. 

    The third point I must make is that the Liberal finally lost the election because needless to say the overwhelming majority don’t appreciate the payment they haven’t worked hard for, nor do they accept the outcomes of a pandemics that battles the human biological imperatives.

    Now granted, when you’re a senior-level designer, you’re meant to be thinking about these things, I mean you didn’t work your way up to that position to have leverage for nothing.

    However, giving money to people who aren’t aiming for essential issues on the side is a tremendous waste of money and causes economic disruption and loss of political respect because everyone likes familiarly with their jobs no matter what socio-economic they may end up in.

  • Poor Rich People

    I will explain the hideous truth about rich people; hopefully, it is some of whom I am addressing. Rich people don’t care about the weather during a pandemic. They care about how grateful you can be when struggling as a poor/average-income earner who looks up to them.

    As someone who sought to look after the global economy by preventing pandemics ethically before the pandemic, I’ve realised a lot during the pandemic when it comes to attention-rich people. They don’t care if their followers have to take a last-minute manufactured vaccine or the restrictions a pandemic imposes upon people’s biological imperatives. They care about how overvalued they are. Rappers, entrepreneurs, and people who have entertained their audience through some service/product that doesn’t entirely ensure your safety for your biological imperatives. Their common mantra is:

    Be grateful for what you have”. 

    Let me remind you—though they will encourage you to be rich when you cannot be wealthy dead. The poor/average may be ok with being poor/average, but they can’t be poor/average dead. Do you understand? Don’t forget that super viruses are much harder to treat and cure and will cause more grief to your lives. Everyone wants to survive with what they have.

    Not one rich person that I know of counted their living followers.

    Look at Dave Nick for example.

    Hmm yes Dave, I bet earning 10k a month for YouTube Automation Business for 3 years in lock down with the probability of catching a 40% to 90% mortality rate super virus when you’re out grocery shopping is a splendid way to live (or even die) rich. Yes… a deadlier virus can kill you through cross-contamination whether you’re poor all the way to rich.

    But carry on Dave…

    There is $1540,000,000,000,000 USD in the world ÷ 7,980,005,938 (world population) = $192,982.31 per person.

    How can content creators or entrepreneurs persuade every person to be rich when there would be no rich people? This is where content creators, entertainers or entrepreneurs become so overpriced or overvalued.

    Say you die tomorrow; the attention-rich content creators aren’t going to check if you’re alive after you’ve died from a virus that could’ve been prevented from invading yours and everyone else’s countries.

    I’m worth $1540,000,000,000,000 because I worked long and hard before the pandemic to save the global economy and I found three objective answers before it even arrived. Not these attention-rich entrepreneurs/content-creators who didn’t try to save a single soul and what those people had worked hard for.

    Though I would not take that sum of money, why are people who aren’t saving their followers getting richer? Then after advise poor/average people, saying, “Be grateful for what you have” or “Live every day like it was your last”. What the hell are they going to do in lockdown if they’ve run out of things to do under government restrictions? Were you ma’am/sir trying to save them before the pandemic? How long is one going to work under restrictions until they want/need a holiday?

    Do you see the figure below? Bill Gates wants to prevent pandemics.
    People think pumping 500 billion USD is worth saving the global economy.

    It’s a desperate sign that people would pump a lot of money to keep their biological imperatives safe. His method isn’t ethical because he’s just allowing a pandemic to occur again. But people don’t want to endure the same cycle again, even if they could be financially richer.

    Our survival methods aren’t on the premise of becoming immortal. We want to survive until we cannot physically endure when we become old. We want to be practical because of our beliefs, the lifestyle we live and with the infrastructures that have been built, within capacity.
    Becoming rich because of a pandemic isn’t making everyone else rich; it’s impossible. You’ve seen the math. Survival ensures everyone can enjoy their current lifestyle because technology has given us the mobility to do so by preventing pandemics.

    This is why those who disagree with me can’t truly appreciate you as a follower. It would kill them further to know that designers look after their followers. We’re not over-priced unless we sit on our titles, not trying to save the global economy; people are the global economy—the poor, average and rich. Be you poor, middle or rich; but you stay living till old age leaves you with less freedom because at least you know you cannot be immortal.

    Rich people don’t want me to find a way to save poor, average or rich people themselves from pandemics because selling you rap lines, ass, market trading, to online-business building during lockdown, is still limiting you from being free or safe. They just want to make more money. That’s the cold hard truth. You’d have to be the subject to a preventable crisis when everyone can’t be rich. We’re simply funding money into people who aren’t saving everyone else but themselves.

    I’m sorry but the price of art cannot outdo the price of design. Because design is responsible for everyone. Everyone we love/hate. It is a discipline that requires immense responsibility and more than that of art.

  • My Research Journey

    This time I will try to make as much sense as possible. I’ve already seen a therapist because finding answers to prevent pandemics for six years has made me feel so angry towards women in leadership positions that it’s dissolved my pre-frontal cortex. In layman’s terms, it’s driven me mad in the decision-making department of my brain.

    My therapist (M.Naznin) concluded that my previous employers should’ve kept me because I told her all the objective answers I found to prevent pandemics. I also told her that I was tredding with every precaution in my body to become a senior-level designer so that I could have the experience to assist in preventing pandemics one day in a start-up group.

    They should’ve kept me because my dad had told me to go and become somebody and to shut up and obey. Too bad they were so erratic that I’d leave those jobs not resigning, not being fired but being threatened/ harassed; they just wound up being mass murderers who shat on every country imaginable. They might as well leave the Earth now. And me? Better that I have answers to prevent disaster than not as a junior. Some of their countries aren’t rising again because they’ve been crippled by civil war and plague and infrastructural blast.

    I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Raffles College of Design. No, my University wasn’t ivy league, but I had an ivy league university professor. I was working my first job as a waitress in a small wealthy suburb fresh out of University in 2014 Sept. I had so much vacancy in my mind. So I watched the news one day and saw that they were reporting the deaths of healthcare workers on the frontlines of the African Ebola outbreak. I was so shocked and saddened by this because we need those people.

    I would sit in the library with a pen and notepad at the time (because I had no laptop). I wrote 1000 words on the defective material for their garments until I found one that would keep them safe in a textile engineering book, but it wasn’t feasible for a not-for-profit organisation. Not my discipline, you say? Well, Design is a very vast discipline, and that’s certainly another story. Fast forward from those 1000 words, I studied various other disciplinary fields to understand the problems further and solve them. I wrote and wrote and wrote until I thought, ‘I need a team quickly‘ as I found practical solutions to those problems before the pandemic.

    But every job after that waitressing job, in a short time, I became a target. I had told only one soul, a guy who was one foot in and one other out in my personal life by 2015. I’m not going to tell you further about him. But I will say—I had to take the mission.

    The level of obedience I had to have was the ground rule set by my dad. Something that some other women who bled toxic femininity knew nothing of. And hence I was punished for. Job after job, three months here after three months there… nothing but empty bitches, doomed to be nationalists who never do anything for their countries, all while having families, great… I was doomed so much that I went from the library to being homeless.

    I couldn’t deal with their daddy issues. Because your mum can’t put the fear of God in you, how will you behave?

    I lost so much trust in my parents that I wound up homeless because all those little (and I mean litttttle)… girls, didn’t have their daddies to correct them. Or they didn’t have a concern for the world. 

    I sat across from one of my University professor Nicole Capodiece and told her, “I went from sitting in a library to homeless”. They tore my family apart by punishing me for my obedience. Then I didn’t tell my other professor, Dr Soheil Ashrafi; in another instance, when I was away from home what had happened, I had to find a group, and I had problems to solve. I had set my pity aside and asked him for help, and so he lended me help.

    After being homeless for two weeks in 2016, I went and lived with my cousin AviI sat in that library studying cross contamination for a forty to ninety percent mortality rate virus when I wasn’t on good terms with my family in North Sydney Library before the pandemic. I couldn’t wait for those losers; there were too many lives at stake. I found three problems and solutions for each between Sept 2014 and Jan 2019. How’s that for timing?

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the death toll struck 200,000—I lost my mind because I was giving pieces of them to the women who dragged me through the mud.


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